Brand Strategy

Business name ideas and a handy generator

Starting a business is a strategic process and choosing your brand name is one of the most important decisions to make early on. Be it a startup, blog, online store, software or a side project – Every business is unique, and coming up with business name ideas is something that you should do after a quick analysis of these techniques and trends.

Let’s dive right in!

Types of names

Here are some tried & tested naming techniques, some old methods, and some new tricks that will help you during the brainstorming stage.

1. The Metaphor

A name or a word that works by reflecting imagery and meaning back to the company. These names work great if you have a broad range of products or services to sell.

Business name ideas: The Metaphor
Examples: amazon, nike

2. Random pronounceable word

Look out for a 2–3 syllable word that is easily pronounceable. These names have no advantage early on in the game but can become your unique identity later on.

Business name ideas: 2. Random pronounceable word
Examples: Google, Xerox, Envato

3. Word Fusion

The most popular way to name a brand nowadays — Put together two words. These work great for web-based products & companies as they are easy to pronounce and type. You can generate such names at

Brand name ideas: 3. Word Fusion
Examples: Facebook, Instagram, Evernote

4. Overlapping Words

Overlap two words, to create a non-dictionary word that uniquely describes your brand. Your creativity is key here, as these can be hard to come up with.

Brand name ideas: Overlapping Words
Examples: Groupon, Pinterest

5. Real words from the dictionary

Simply pick an existing word from the dictionary. These are great, but finding an available domain name is next to impossible.

Brand name ideas: 5. Real words from the dictionary
Examples: Uber, Sharp

6. Puns & Phrases

A catchy phrase, a peppy slogan or just a crazy sound. Go for it if you want your brand to feel ‘fun and easygoing’.

Brand name ideas: 6. Puns & Phrases
Examples: Dunkin' Donuts, GoDaddy, Shazam

7. Double/Tripple Letter

Try doubling or tripling a letter in a simple word to get an interesting name. A bit risky but some businesses have been using it with success.

Brand name ideas: 7. Double/Tripple Letter
Examples: Dribbble, Fiverr, Digg

8. Remove the last vowel

Chuck the last vowel in the word to get a shorter available domain name. An internet trend that is mostly used to get a short domain name.

Brand name ideas: 8. Remove the last vowel
Examples: Flickr, Tumblr

9. Change a letter

Change a letter with a similar-sounding one to get a unique identity. Experiment with consonants to get unique business name ideas.

Brand name ideas: 9. Change a letter
Examples: Lyft, Verizon

10. Descriptive

Try describing what your brand does in less than 3 words. A traditional yet proven way of naming things.

Brand name ideas: 10. Descriptive
Examples: General Motors, Mastercard

11. Founder’s name

Founder’s name, founder’s last name or a mix of multiple founder’s names. A traditional way of naming companies. Go for it only if your name has a legacy attached to it, or if you’re sure of making one 😉

Brand name ideas: 11. Founder’s name
Examples: McDonalds, Kellogg's, Ford

12. Acronym

A short form of a bigger or traditional brand name. Go for it only if you’re transitioning from an older or longer name to a new name, and are trying to preserve that identity.

Brand name ideas: 12. Acronym
Examples: UPS, KFC, IBM

If you want to brainstorm with each of these naming ideas and check for domain availability on the fly, check out

Which is these naming methods is the best?

There’s no best method as such. It’s best to invest some time into brainstorming with each possibility listed above and evaluate the business name ideas that come up.

If your project is a web-based business though, I would highly recommend the ‘Word Fusion’ method. Most of the popular web-based companies in recent years have named themselves using this simple trick of joining two words that go well with each other.

Business Name Ideas : Word Fusion success
Top web-based companies today have used the ‘Word Fusion’ method for their names and are doing great.

For web-based businesses, in most cases, the domain name becomes the brand name, thus getting the right domain name becomes even more important. Most domain names struggle between being brandable and being descriptive. 

Take this example of some domain ideas for a website that helps keep you in touch with your friends. -Descriptive, but too long to brand or type. -Short, brandable but people might spell/type it differently. -Short, fairly descriptive and quite brandable ?

‘Word Fusion’ names simply work as these are made with real dictionary words. This means that everyone knows how to spell and pronounce these from the get-go.

Also, since these are a combination of two words, they are almost always unique.

Try our free name generator that takes a single keyword and generates many such business name

All the best naming!